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TripsWithPets was created for those who enjoy traveling with their furry, feathered, and finned members of the family. We realize that our pets are a part of the family and when we take trips they should be able to join us! TripsWithPets makes that possible by providing a selection of thousands of pet friendly properties across the United States and Canada, along with pet friendly activities, airline pet policies, pet travel supplies, and much more!

Our love of animals combined with the need for a robust, no-nonsense pet travel site was the inspiration behind TripsWithPets. In addition to being crazy animal lovers, our staff members are veterans of the online travel industry and have a great deal of experience traveling with their pets. We’ve come together to bring you a site that will assist you in planning your next trip with your best friend – a trip in which your pet will be welcome, happy and safe.

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Essentials Pet Sitting Checklist

Pet Sitting Checklist

Here’s a helpful checklist when getting ready to leave your loved one(s) in our care. Remember we can always be reached by text, phone, or email. It is always a good idea to provide your pet sitter with the best way to contact you while your away.

1. Your signed documents

2. A key.  We will provide a key chain and a code (no name will be put on your key)

3. A 2nd key that we can code with permanent ink.

4. Emergency contact information for yourself and 2 other contacts

5. A list if items you plan to leave out during pet sitter visits (such as paper towel, medicines, etc.)

6. Veterinary contact & medical information (allergies, conditions)

7. Trip information, including Hotel, and if you plan to have visitors to your home while away.

Our New 2018 Client Packet is Here!

2018 Client Packet ready for downloading.

Here is the important information you need to supply us while we are taking care of your special loved ones!

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Summer Safety Tips

Summer is definitely in full swing here as evidenced by hot temperatures and high humidity levels. We humans take precautions when dealing with the high temps and humidity like putting on sunscreen. staying hydrated and avoiding the midday sun and we need to do the same for our pets. It is our responsibility to protect our furry friends from the hazards of summer by keeping them cool , comfortable and safe. Like us humans, our pets are susceptible to dehydration and sunburn.

If you are miserable in the heat and humidity most likely your pet is  too. If it’s too hot for you than most likely it’s the same for your furry friend. If the pavement or sand is too hot for you to walk comfortably barefoot on then it’s is too hot for your pet because it can burn their pads.

Hydration is important to both humans and animals alike because like us they can get overheated and dehydrated so please make sure that they have access to fresh clean water. If they spend a lot of time outside, frequently give them small amounts of water.

Please don’t leave any pet or animal unattended during these hot summer days because a temperature in a closed car can rise 20°  in just 10 minutes and in an hour, 40°. On a 70 degree day, it can reach 110° inside the vehicle. It is best to leave your pet at home but if you have to run errands with your pet in a vehicle take someone with you so they can keep the air conditioning on so the animal doesn’t overheat.

If an animal gets overheated they can suffer from Hyperthermia  or eat stroke which effects their ability to cool down most likely cause being trapped in an enclosed environment without ventilation like a car or have been outside too long without shade and water. Dog with restricted airways such as brachycephalic (flat faced)  breeds  of pug, boxer and bulldog and dogs that wear muzzles are more likely to develop these conditions than others.

Some symptoms of Heat Stroke and Hypothermia include:

  • Excessive or Rapid Panting
  • Increased Heart & Respiratory Rate
  • Excessive drooling
  • Labored Breathing
  • Lethargy

Some of the more severe symptoms include:

  • Seizures
  • Bloody Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Coma
  • Shock
  • Unconsciousness
  • Temperature of 104°

Please take your pet immediately the vet if they show any of the above symptoms.

Stay tuned for more summer tips in my next blog.

Keep Cool Out There !

Loving what we do at Jen’s Gentle Petsitters











The Siamese Cat

One of my favorite breeds of cats is the Siamese, I  have many fond memories of my grandparents Siamese cats, Moxie and Scooter. The Siamese cat has a long and rich history including being sacred and guardians of temples.  The Siamese cat has many distinctive features and coloring.  They have a triangular- shaped head, enchanting blue eyes, large ears, an elongated slender muscular body and four distinct types of fur coloring. Due to their very short hair, they don’t need a lot of grooming.  When I think of Siamese cats, I think of those with the Seal Point fur coloring but there is also the Blue Point, Chocolate Point and Lilac and all  four are recognized by the Cat Fanciers Association and the World Cat Federation. There many breeds that have derived from the Siamese that include the Bengal, Burmese, Himalayan and the Tonkinese just to name a few.

Siamese cats are said to have traits similar to dogs  by being loyal, affectionate and can be trained to do tricks, some are even willing to walk on a leash . They are social creatures and enjoy the company of humans and other cats .Siamese are very intelligent , curious . vocal and don’t like to be left alone for long periods of time and if they are could suffer from depression.   They don’t like to be ignored and can be demanding and will howl and yowl til it’s needs are met. They are very good with children and are tolerant of young children. Because of their curious nature, it is suggested to cat proof their surroundings by securing loose wires, putting child locks on shelves and screens in front of fireplaces etc..,.

They have a lifespan of 12-14 years but can live longer.  They can develop early onset kidney disease which causes premature ageing, increased thirst, poor appetite, weight loss, vomiting, bad breath and a poor coat can lead to an early death. The kidney disease can be slowed with medication, prescriptions diets and regular visits. They also can develop weaknesses in the immune system making them vulnerable to Feline Leukemia.  They can have eye twitches with their eyes going side to side and can be prone to lung infections especially as kittens.

Because Siamese cats are social creatures and crave attention, it is best to spend as much time with them as possible or have two so they can keep each other company.  So if you can’t get a dog but want  traits of  a dog then consider getting a Siamese cat. Just remember they are very intelligent and  vocal but also very loyal and affectionate.

Loving what we do at Jen’s Gentle Pet Sitters.




Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Today, I’d like to introduce you to the Chesapeake Bay Retriever which just happens to be the state dog of Maryland. They became the state dog in 1964. They are also the mascot for the University of Maryland Baltimore County. The Chesapeake Bay Retriever is one of few breeds that was developed in the United States. Legend has it that there was a shipwreck off the coast of Maryland and on it were two Newfoundland puppies that were bred to Coonhounds. The American Kennel Club recognized the breed in 1878. They are listed  in the Sporting or gun dog category. Chesapeake Bay Retrievers are ranked as the 43rd most popular breed.

The Chesapeake Bay Retriever are also known as Chessies and Chesapeakes. Chessies only have the retriever name and are characteristically different from the Golden and Labrador  breeds of Retrievers. The Chesapeake Bay Retriever’s size can range from medium to large. Their lifespan is 10-13yrs.  They have powerful bodies with strong jaws. They have a double coat that has an  abundance of natural oils  making the breed suitable for the icy waters of the Chesapeake Bay.  The outer coat is  short, thick, hadrsh and wavy. The undercoat is fine dense and wooly. Chessies  range in colors of Brown, Sedge and Deadgrass.

Chessies become deeply attached and devoted to their families. They thrive on companionship and like to be wherever you are but  aren’t ones to  usually wear their heart on their sleeve.  They can be emotionally in tune with their favorite people.  Chessies tend to be on the more sober and thoughtful side . Some other traits of the Chesapeake Bay Retriever include intelligence, endurance, intense loyalty, protectiveness sensitivity  as well as being stand offish and serious.  Most have  assertive and confident traits.  As a breed they tend to  have a socially dominant personality. When confronted with a threat a proper Chessie would more likely fight than flee. As puppies they are calm , relatively easy and eager to train . They also have a relatively good attention span.  Time , patience and a bit of authority is needed to train them. They need to know who the Alpha’s are.

We enjoy what we do at Jen’s Gentle Pet  Sitter!




Springtime Advice

Springtime is here, people and pets are apt to spend more time outdoors among blooming flowers ,warmer temperatures and longer days . During spring, Easter is celebrated with lilies, chocolates and plastic colored  grass which are all hazardous to our fur babies.  Lilies are fatal to cats if ingested.  Chocolates are toxic to both cats and dogs. The plastic grass used in Easter baskets if ingested can obstruct the digestive tract which can cause  severe vomiting and dehydration.  Popular springtime plants like Rhododendrons and Azaleas are highly toxic to pets and can have fatal consequences.  It doesn’t matter what the season is  so please don’t leave antifreeze around because it is toxic to animals.

With the warmer temperatures,  more people tend to travel with their fur babies in tow so please make sure When traveling with your furry companions, make sure they are secured in a crate or wearing a seatbelt harness  specifically designed for them. It is also a good time, to make sure their vaccines are up to date, heartworm is prevented  and flea and tick prevention is still being done.

During spring, our feathered friends tend to be more active and become prey for hunting cats. Tips for keeping birds alive include fastening a bell to the cat’s collar, making  sure to avoid main feeding times like sunset, sunrise or after bad weather because that is when the birds seem to be most active . Feed your cat before letting it out though it is highly recommended to keep your cat indoors.

Just like us humans, they can get allergies from dust, plants and pollens. Allergic reactions to said allergens can include  itching, minor sniffling and sneezing and it is best to get the animal to a vet ASAP.. Cats and dogs can also suffer from allergic reactions to insect bites and stings which can cause them to go into anaphylactic shock.

Enjoy the nice weather and keep yourself and your fur babies Happy loved and safe.  Loving what As th we do at Jen’s Gentle Pet Sitters.



Dental Health

An important  part of your pets overall health and well being is their oral health.  Just like us, they can develop periodontal/gum disease which can cause all kinds of serious damage affecting not just their teeth and gums but the heart , liver and kidneys.  Just like we humans take preventive  steps with our oral health the same should be done with our furry friends. One surprising fact is that roughly 8 out of 10 dogs over the age of three have a dental problem.

One big sign your pet may have a dental issue is bad breath. Other signs of dental issues for cats are brown deposits on teeth that can’t be easily scraped away, bleeding in the mouth and inflamed red gum.  For dogs some other signs include discolored teeth, red or swollen gums, difficulty chewing or eating , weight loss, tearing or swelling below one eye,  nasal discharge and blood in the saliva.

It is best to clean their  teeth on a regular basis and like us have regular dental check ups and cleanings. For dogs and some cats if they are willing to let you, brushing everyday or at least three times a week will help prevent any dental issues.  When cleaning their teeth do not use human toothpaste.  Based on the personality of your pet, you would have to do a trial and error process to find  out what works best. and  one needs to have patience, go slow and be gentle. Dogs in general are more likely  to let you brush their teeth with cats it just depends on their personality. There are angled  toothbrushes that are made specifically for cats and dogs finger brushes too..  Feeding your pet dental kibble, put ting an oral hygiene solution in their  water , greenies and chew toys are some other ways to help prevent gum disease in your pet.  When  picking out chew toys it is best to avoid  rawhide products including chews and biscuits, dried natural bones and hard nylon products because they are  too hard on the teeth and can damage gums and break teeth.             

norwegian elkhound rescue

A Healthy Pet is a Happy Pet!






Winter Safety

 I enjoy a nice snow fall, watching the snow as it gently falls from the sky but I don’t like the cold. Going outside, we dress up in hats, gloves, scarves, boots and a heavy coat just to stay warm. Our furry friends also like to stay warm when it’s cold out. They like to cuddle with their human, under a blanket, in a soft bed or catching some rays of sun. Just like us humans, some can adapt to and / or are more tolerant of the cold like Siberian Huskies and Alaskan Malamutes because their coats are thicker but it’ s still not a good idea to leave them outside for too long, especially during the winter and summer months.

When walking dogs, wipe their paws to get rid of residue and debris from leaked radiator fluid and deicers which can cause damage to their very sensitive paws. Sometimes ice can get between the toes of a dog and it might help to trim the hair between their toes. If you have to deice, it’s best for all if you use a pet friendly deicer. On smaller dogs or short haired breeds like the Dachshund and Chihuahua, it’s ok to put them in a sweater to keep them warm.

Check your car engine, blow your horn or make a loud noise in case a feral or stray cat finds its way under your hood to keep warm. It’s never a good idea to leave a pet in a car. The key is to know your pets limits because like us humans they too can be sensitive to temperature changes. It’s best to keep your pet indoors during the cold winters but please make sure your house is pet friendly and safe. Keep Warm.

We love what we do at Jen’s Gentle Pet Sitters.

New 2016 Packet Available

We have the New Client packet available for 2016. Please download and print out this important packet prior to pet sitting service. We looking forward to taking care of your loved one.

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Look for Us at Odenton Day 2015

Odenton Day is October 3rd

1425 Annapolis Road in Odenton

Odenton Day tent

Jens Gentle Pet Sitters will be participating in Odenton Day this October the 3rd. So come out and visit us!

Come on out for a day of free Fun, Food, and Learning with Odenton Day 2015. It runs from 9AM to 2 PM at the Odenton Volunteer Fire House on 1425 Annapolis Road in Odenton. Scheduled events include the following:
• Odenton Volunteer Fire Company Open House
• Free hot dogs, chips, and drinks
• Music, dancing, and martial arts demonstrations
• Free shuttle bus to Odenton Heritage Society
• Bus tour of historic sites
• Displays by West County organizations and businesses
• Fun and activities for kids