Documents Needed to Schedule Service

This page provides all of the information you need to schedule service and prepare you and your pet(s) for our pet services. We have included documents for you to download. We are eager to get to know you and your animal companion(s). 

Vital Records and Contract

Important documents for your family’s protection and quality care are included in the contract:

  • Legal Considerations Agreement (Sign and return)
  • Veterinary Release Agreement (Fill in amount, sign and return)
  • Pet Information Disclosure: Please complete one Pet Information Disclosure for each pet, litter, or fish tank. (Print one copy for each pet, each form is 2 pages, and return)
  • Key Ready Program Agreement (Optional)
  • Welcome Visitors & Emergency Personnel form

Schedule for Services

  • Suggested Leave-Out Checklist
  • Service Request (Print one for each trip or service period, sign and return; for initial consultation, fill out with pet sitter)

Additional Information Provided For You

  • Bios of Jen’s Pet Sitters
  • Copy of Insurance and bonding card
  • Copy of Pet Sitters International Membership Card
  • Copy of American Red Cross Pet First Aid Card
  • Copy of Certificate of Completion for Becoming A Veterinary Assistant

Contact us at

[email protected]

for scheduling an appointment.