1011091608a[1] SUUUUUUPER SOPHIE! Hi All!  Where did we last leave off? I believe it was somewhere around high-noon in sharing my daily schedule with you. I know it seems crazy to think that a dog could actually have a schedule but I’m a very Type A pooch…what can I say? I like to know whats going on & when. So, back to some in-depth insight into my busy day… 1:00 p.m.:    Around this time, I have to let Mommy get some work done which is fine except sometimes she gets busy & forgets that I’m starving.  It’s been sooo long since my breakfast after all, and I can’t just reach into the refrigerator to grab something like humans do. 2:00 p.m.:    Ok, its been long enough and its time for me to bother Mom for some grub.  There are a couple different ways I can go about this (ie: sitting in front of her & staring her down, go find my empty bowl & push it around the floor with my nose until I get noticed, go into the bedroom to get one of my toys and throw it around the living room until it almost breaks something, etc.)  On this particular day I have decided to lay at Moms feet so that she will almost trip & break her neck when she stands up.  Needless to say she was none too happy about this & yelled a bunch of those “bad word things” really loud but the bottom line is…it works 🙂  Presto, food is in my bowl & all is good in the world. 3:00 p.m.:    I’ve eaten and am full bellied & content. I would go off & take a little “dog nap” now but I know that it’s about that time that Daddy comes home from that work place he goes to everyday.  See? A dogs work is never done!  I must go lay on the bed & stare out the window & bark at the 1st sign or sound of my daddy’s arrival. I know alot of humans don’t understand why dogs feel the need to bark so much but every bark is necessary in our eyes anyway.  Once that big black truck comes down the street I will begin to act like a total & complete fool as if I haven’t seen Dad in months.  I will run around the house from room to room crying, whining, barking & crying some more & continue doing so until Mommy lets me run out to greet him. Have you ever seen a human that happy to see another human? Nope..not like a dog does..admit it, your dogs make you all feel like no one on this earth is more important & loved as you. 6:00 p.m.:    Yes, I’m aware I skipped a few hours but that is only because this is the time of day I can really catch some good Zzz’s until its time to eat again. I need all the rest I can get so I’m fully prepared to go all out with my begging while Mom & Dad eat dinner.  I’m not sure why they get so upset when I do that but they definitely do.  I’m a dog for Pete’s sake (whoever Pete is..lol), begging is one of my best talents. 7:30 p.m.:    Woohoo! Finally time for me to eat dinner of my own.  This takes approx. 2 minutes from start to finish & I hear  Mom saying “slow down Sophie, no ones going to take it from you”…Yeah? Well I’m not going to leave it up to chance & risk it.  The house starts to get very busy right about this time each day as Dad has to get his stuff ready for that work place in the morning.  I figure this is a perfect time to let him know I need to go outside & take care of business..heehee.  I could just go out & do what is needed then go back inside but I feel it necessary to walk back & forth in the same spot about 45 times until I find the perfect place to stop, drop, & pee.  Honestly, we have no real reason for doing this except for the fact that we know it baffles humans & well, we kinda like to do that just to keep you all on your toes.  We thoroughly enjoy leaving humans scratching their heads. We take great pride in it actually. Just being honest with you. 9:00 p.m.:    After a very busy day of barking, eating & pottying, it is time to turn off all the lights & lock the house down for the night. The bed is practically calling my name but I have to take a last trip around the house to make sure all is safe & sound before I can lay my tired body down & get my much needed sleep. I jump on that big bed of “ours” & proceed to spin in circles until I hear “Sophie, for the love of God would you just flippin lay down already!!” Again, I only do this to mess with my humans & it cracks me up that they don’t know that. Naps_are_the_best[1]   Well, it’s been fun sharing “A Day in the Life of Sophie” with you.  Thanks for stopping by to check out my blog. It means alot to me, my Mommy & Miss Jen.  I hope you all enjoy hearing my crazy stories each week as I give you a peek inside the mind of a dog. I am heading off to Dreamland now but will be back before you know it with more antics & antidotes.  As always, give lots of love to your furry babies & be safe.  Peace, Love & Doggie Kisses, Fia