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Welcome Back All! Sophie here, back to let you in on the real life everyday tasks that I do on behalf of my humans…it may give you a little insight into why your dogs do the things they do.

Please understand there are some things that must remain a secret, as I will not break “dog code” and must remain loyal to my fellow canines. Now, back to a peek inside my daily journal:

When we last left off I was rousting Mom out of bed to begin our day.  When she is finally up & moving I run around in front of her trying desperately to tangle up her feet causing her to break her neck, or at least that;s what she always yells when I do that 🙂

7:45 a.m.:    Yes, I finally get to go outside and patrol the property (after taking care of my morning business mind you, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do) and then its a walk to the to top of the driveway to get our paper. This is pretty much the same routine everyday. I like to switch things up but not this early in the morning!

8:30 a.m.:    It is finally time for breakfast or what we call “SnicketySnackety” around here. You have to understand my Mommy to know that she makes up names for everything. She does the same thing when she doesn’t know the words to a song, she just throws in something that fits & rhymes, she’s really silly & funny like that. She turns the radio on & dances around the kitchen with my bowl in her hand & makes a big ole production of getting my food for me. She must not get that I have been without food since last night & am practically wasting away to nothing! Ok, I’ll humor her yet again & dance along while she sings…oh the things I must endure in life.

9:00 a.m.:  Breakfast was fantastic as always, a little dry but what can I expect from dry food 🙂  I must go over to the rug by the front door and wipe my face on it because, well, I don’t have thumbs to hold a napkin…and honestly this is kinda fun & it baffles humans & makes them laugh.

9:30 a.m.:    It is time for me to climb into my chair (yes, it is truly mine, no one else is allowed to sit on it when I’m around) and spin around in circles to the right 4 times then to the left 3 then 2 more to the right & then I think I might have found that perfect spot. Okay, thats what I’m talkin…wait, nope…back up & around in a couple more circles and PLOMP I am down & finally content! I’m going to be monitoring my surroundings from this location for a bit of time & at some point it may appear to humans that I am sleeping but do not be confused…I am not ready to pop into action at a moments notice, it just doesn’t always appear that way.


Mommy has to go downstairs & let Bear & Maggie out then she goes & feeds those sneaky cats Levi, Sam & Nemo. She is normally with them for 2 hours or so and I do what I do so well while she is gone. I run from room to room barking like a lunatic at the top of my lungs because I am not getting Moms full attention and well, I really don’t care for that fact. I will continue to act like a “flippin fool” until Mom is back doting on me 100%.

Noon:  Mom is back upstairs with me and all is well in the world. She is in the other room making one of those bagel things so I am gong to need to jump off the computer for awhile so that I can proceed to sit directly in front of Mom while she eats & stare her down with the saddest face possible begging for just a little teeny tiny taste – she never falls for it & normally I end up back in my chair after she fusses at me but I’m a dog & I have got to know I gave it my best shot.

Can’t wait to catch up with you all again very soon. In the meantime, give your animals all the love that they give you…you humans really are our everything you know. Like I said before, without thumbs we are kind of at your mercy so remember that please. Peace, Love & Doggie Kisses, Fia