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Hey All, It’s Cara, a.ka. Mommy, here.  Hope everyone has been well. Sophie has graciously let me use my own computer for a minute.  In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve been gone for a little while (I’m sorry, what? You didn’t? Well why didn’t you notice?? You never ever notice things anymore & another thing…oh, umm, sorry about that, I don’t have a clue where that came from).  Anyhooo, I’ve had some persistant health issues that have taken me out of commission for a while & I just didn’t have it in me to help Sophie out with this/ Have no fear, as the computer is charged up & I am ready to turn it over to Sophie, who told me she is going to be sharing what is involved in her typical day to let all her blog readers into her “personal life” more (she’s so dramatic..lol). I told her I thought it was a great idea and hopefully you all will agree…Enjoy!  Thanks for reading…it means alot to Sophie & I both.  Peace, Paws & Love, Cara

I’m baaaack!  So, like mom said, I figured I would let you all into a typical say in the life of me, Sophie.  Now contrary to many humans believe’s we proud members of the Canine Coalition do alot more than sleep, eat, potty & bark.  Sure, some do a little more than others but the rest of us are on patrol for our humans at all times.  It may “appear” as if we are sleeping but that is merely a front to our protection detail.  As a matter of fact my day is so busy it won’t all fit in one blog so I will have to continue it for you very soon…keep your eye out for it.  Now, let’s take a peek inside what “a dog’s life” is really like:

4:15 a.m.:    Mom’s 1st alarm of many for the day goes off & it is LOUD like you would not believe.  She has to make sure Daddy really gets up for work. I say really because sometimes Daddy likes to get a few more minutes of sleep & Mom has already gone back to sleep & then after a little bit, Daddy wakes up, shouting a few of those “bad words” & running around like his tail-end is on fire.  Before I know it, Daddy is ready to leave, he always makes sure to say bye to Mommy & I & then its out the door & up in that big, black truck thing and flying down the road to that place he goes every morning called work.  House is quiet…time to go back to bed, umm, I mean protection duty while in a laying position. 🙂

6:30 a.m.:    Ok, here we go…Mom’s alarm goes off & she reaches over & smacks around until it stops making noise but this is a deception because it goes off again not long after the 1st time. By the 6th time I’m ready to attack the alarm. If you think that is loud for humans you ought to have the hearing of a dog when that thing goes off. It is truly deafening.

7:30 a.m.:    Yes, it has been an hour of the previously mentioned alarm routine & Mom is finally beyond annoyed and ready to move. Alright let’s do this! Yeah, get this day going, get our butts in gear & go take on the world! Streeeeetch, yaaawn, full body shake,off the bed & out the…Umm, Mom? Aww, come on Mommy, really? That’s it! I didn’t want to have to do this but here it goes…back up on the bed I go and right up to Moms face…sorry, but you brought this on yourself…slobbery kisses with morning dog breath outta do the trick…Yup, works like a charm everytime! Now, let’s try this getting up routine again. I don’t have the luxury of strolling into the other room & going potty in there. I’ve got to go outside in wet dewy grass which I despise. At this point I could care less. When a girls gotta go she’s gotta go & this girl has to go, so I will catch back up with you all a little later. I will continue to share the true story behind a dogs real life. Until then be safe & give your animals lots of love, Fia