Hey all…I’m back and ready to catch you up on my scary run in with Ninja Kitty Sam.  First off I just want to say I was right (and we all know when a chick is right she’s going to let you know about it!)…this particular doggy right here and cats DO NOT mix. Now I’ve heard some wonderful “fairy tales” at the local dog park of canines & felines living in harmony but let me be the one to tell you, when a cat goes all psycho kitty on you & slices your eye from side to side, it tends to leave a puppy with a pretty sour attitude towards them.

Anyhow, back to one of the scariest moments of my life.  When I last chatted with you kind folks I was telling you I was in the car going very fast to places unknown to me. One could only hope wherever Mommy & Daddy were driving me was going to be a place where eyes can be fixed & everyone could live (and see) happily ever after.  In what seemed like forever we finally pulled up to a place called The Emergency Veterinary Clinic in Catonsville, MD where sick animals can go to get better , and if this wasn’t an emergency, than I don’t know what was.  Once they got me inside things started moving pretty quick which I was happy about until I saw those sharp metal things they called needles 🙁  A woman they called Dr. Isherwood came in the room and she told Cara & Chaz she was going to take really good care of me but she would need to take me to surgery immediately because my eye looked very bad.  This is when I realized that not only do I not like cats but so far I’m not diggin’ anyone wearing a white lab coat either but hey, if she can fix me up then I’ll give her a chance.  I can’t really tell you much that happened from there on as I was given some special medicine in one of those needle things & I went to sleep faster than when I’ve just finished a big bowl of kibble.  When I woke up my eye was pretty sore & I figured things didn’t go well at all as I couldn’t see anything out of it but pitch blackness. I can’t tell you how happy I was to hear that was because there was a big patch over top of it – YAY..I still had my eye (no thanks to Samson’s attempt to blind me)!

Moving ahead several hours, Dr. Isherwood had pne of her nurse people do some last checks on me and then gave some instructions to Mommy & Daddy on what they would have to do to help my eye heal and I was being allowed to go back home.  Hold it right there…Home? You mean I was going back to the scene of the crime and they expected me to not eat Samson the first chance I got? Wow, they were really asking alot from me weren’t they?  Before I could come up with all the “unfortunate predicaments” Ninja Sam could possibly end up in there would be one final humiliating step for me.  In walked a nurse who proceeded to put a big, plastic cone-shaped contraption around my neck which she explained was for my benefit so I wouldn’t be able to “bother my eye” for it to heal best.   Well isn’t that just the cherry on this already traumatizing sundae?  Seriously, I’m brand new to my home with 3 other dogs that have already been living there together and I’m supposed to put off an air of “cool & toughness” with a big ole cone around my head??   I know, I know…I shouldn’t be complaining. After all, my eye was saved & the doc said I should be able to see 100%, plus I really was loving my new Mom & Dad not to mention my nice new home but still…a cone?!  I could just hear the snickers & laughs from the other dogs now. “Oh look at the new kid…and her pretty hat!” Bahahaha  Yeah, this was gonna be a looonngg couple of weeks to look forward to.  On the bright side, maybe this big plastic thing won’t fit in that crate they got for me and I’ll be able to sleep on that tall comfy looking bed I was told to stay off of.  Hmm, I think this puppy is going to ride this “spoil the injured puppy” train as far as it can go.  Who’s gonna be laughing then?

That’s all for this post folks. Don’t forget to follow me & all my stories to come  because one thing is for sure, in a house with 4 dogs & 3 cats there’s bound to be more adventures!

Peace, Paws & Love, Sophia