Welcome back!  When we last left off I was telling you all how I was unpleasantly surprised with my new doggy brothers & sister that, might I remind you, no one took the time to ask my opinion on, but hey I was the newbie so I guess I hadn’t earned that right yet!  So I’ve told you about meeting Bear, Buddy & Maggie which I didn’t love the idea of but I was tolerating it quite well I thought, and to be honest they were pretty welcoming (aside from all that smelling of what even I, a dog, consider some pretty private areas)  What I hadn’t yet found out was there were 3 more brothers I was gaining, along with my new parents and new home. Here’s the big catch.. these brothers were not people or even highly investigative dogs, they were, wait for it…….CATS!? This must be a terribly bad joke. Isn’t it a known fact that dogs are not supposed to like cats, none the less share a home with them? Now granted I was only a puppy and hadn’t quite learned all the ways of the world, but one thing I knew in the pit of my puppy stomach was dogs & cats were very different creatures & they should remain separate at all times.  Well guess what? Cara & Chaz not only expected me to coexist with them but they actually wanted me to like them. Oh, this new home, new people thing was getting more interesting by the minute and I don’t mean interesting in a “oh that’s so cool” kind of way.

So here is how it went next…Cara carried me to my new room  where Chaz was busy setting up a brand new, much bigger metal cage thing (where did that come from? I thought we left that cage thing & the whole idea of it in the car, but I digress, back to “the Feline 3”)  It was a very nice room I was going to be staying in. There was a HUGE bed that sat way high off the ground which I was told straight away was not mine & that I wasn’t to get on it (well then why is it in MY room? Wow, rules already!) There was a big glass sliding door that opened out to a porch that wrapped almost all the way around my new house and that led to a really nice yard with so many trees. Okay, I was liking this so far & things were looking pretty good, that is until Cara went over & opened another door that led to a smaller room attached to my room.  Now would be the time to cue the scary movie music.  I was being told it was time to meet the rest  of my family, and there they were! Levi & Samson, twin orange tabby kittens & Nemo, an older big fat tiger cat.  Well it was time to make my move; my moment to let them know I might be new but I was there to stay.


Nemo wanted no parts of me & was gone before I could even give him my toughest puppy bark but Levi & Sam, they were a different story.  Levi must have had me confused with a new toy because he wanted to swat at my tail & run around me in circles (I think this was a diversion tactic so as fast as he ran I kept my eyes glued on him). I’m guessing the fact I wasn’t playing along got old to him pretty quickly because he soon found a spot of sunlight on the floor and was fast asleep in it.

Great, 2 down and one to go. I could feel a lot of tension with this Samson fella right from the start.  I realized he wasn’t down with the idea of me sharing his home with him  anymore than I was but I was gonna be as nice as possible. so I went over to introduce myself. Well, I don’t know what I did wrong but obviously I did something because the next thing I know I was being full on attacked by Insane Ninja Kitten…Oh My God, MYYY EYYYE…I couldn’t see out of my left eye at all…Sam had sliced it diagonally from one side to the other.  I don’t know who was freaking out more, me or my new Mommy & Daddy.  Next thing I knew I was wrapped in a towel sitting on Cara’s lap, back in the car and Chaz was driving so fast I knew this was bad, really, really bad.  Where were we going? Was my eye going to be okay? Cara was crying and kept kissing me and telling me I was going to be okay. She was apologizing like she was the one who had hurt me. It wasn’t their fault that Sam turned into psycho cat!  All I knew was I was hurt & if there was anyway someone could “fix me up” I was going to have to have a loooonnng talk with my new people about going back into that house.  I’m thinking Psycho Sam is going to have to relocate before I step paw in there again.  That could all be settled later, right now I just wanted to stop hurting and to be able to see again. I hope where ever Chaz was driving wasn’t too far because even though I’m a tough pup, I was really scared…To Be Continued…