So, where did I leave off?  Oh yeah, we were in that car going way too fast to someplace unknown (well, unknown to me anyway…SCARY!)  Before I knew it we had pulled up to a cute little place and Cara was telling me we were at my new home.  Wow, this was all happening so quickly that I didn’t even have time to be afraid anymore.  There were so many new things to see and smell and I was a puppy and we all know puppies are curious so I was ready, as long as I could get out of this cage thing that is.

WOO-HOO, SWEET FREEDOM AT LAST! I was out of that cage. on the grass, and peeing in more spots than was really necessary but hey I had to make my presence known. Next thing I knew, we were up the steps, walking into the house and WAIT! Hold it right there…what was that sound? Was that another bark or three? Even worse, did I hear a meow somewhere mixed in? Someone please tell me we are at the wrong place. Nope, right place and with all that good “new home stuff” came my surprise…I was sharing my new home with “them” and when I say them I mean alot of brothers & a sister that I don’t remember asking for.  Oh, what was I supposed to do now? If I ever wanted to be back in that metal thing it was at this moment.

The first one to come over to greet me was Bear. He’s part Beagle like me but looks waaay different from me. He was very nice although I didn’t particularly like all the areas he was trying to smell me. Then a dog named Buddy was in front of me. He’s what they call a Toy Fox Terrier. I didn’t know they made dogs that small.  I mean I was little but he was half my size.  Finally a big ole dog named Maggie, a Yellow Lab, made her way over.  Ok folks, here’s the problem, I don’t like other animals…AT ALL! If anyone would have taken the time to give me a heads up about these other creatures being here I could have stopped this before it started.

Could this possibly get worse????

I hate to leave you right when it’s getting interesting but I just saw Mommy pull up & if she catches me using her laptop she is NOT going to be happy, and well, I like to stay on Mommy’s good side 🙂

Come back tomorrow and then after that keep following my blog & find out what happened after I met my “new furry family”.  I will give you all a little hint: I don’t think Chaz & Cara planned on spending $1,500 buckaroos and I definitely didn’t plan on finding out how much I do not like cats, dogs, or anyone in a white lab coat!  If nothing else, life was becoming very eventful for my little 2 month old self.