I cannot believe this! I feel so betrayed…how could Mommy let Sophie write a blog without offering that job to me first?? I don’t know how long this has been going on but I intend on putting a stop to it immediately.  Let me start by introducing myself. I am Bear…Bear the Beagle & I am 14 years old. My age alone should have been enough for Mom to have realized that I would be the one more suited to write a pet blog, but, NOOOO! No one asked me what I thought about it and I haven’t even told Maggie yet (she’s a yellow lab & my other sister).  I would’ve never known about this whole pet blog deal Sophie was involved in had I not gone onto Moms laptop to play a little Texas Hold ‘Em (a dog has to unwind after a long day off walks, eating & sleeping you know?)  Anyway, right there before my beagle eyes was  story after story about our family written by Sophie, my black lab/beagle mix sister. I’m not saying Sophie can’t write or that she doesn’t know what she’s talking about, I just think someone a little older,  a little wiser, & a lot more street smart would’ve been the better choice but hey, that’s just one dog’s opinion, right?

Let me tell you a little about me. I meet my Daddy Chaz through my old Daddy, Mr. Charles, who saved me from a very bad life in a place called Curtis Bay. When I say a bad life I mean some people were very mean to me. I even had my 4 bottom teeth kicked out by a mean human & was very scared of people but didn’t let that stop me from loving others. Its not their fault other people are mean.   Mr. Charles was my Daddy’s Dad & we moved away from the place we lived and  in with Chaz back when Mr. Charles got really sick with something they call cancer & they took him to a hospital one day but said he was too sick to come back home to take care of me & I didn’t know what I was going to do.  Chaz had just met my Mommy Cara about 2 weeks before Mr. Charles got sick.  He had brought her to our house & I was the 1st one to greet her at the door and even brought one of my socks to her to let her know I liked her. Anyone who knows me knows I love nothing more than a nice soft sock to be able to carry around & lay my head down on it so I only give them to people I really like who are nice to me.  I don’t want to brag but it only took about 2 minutes for Cara to fall in love with me because I’m just a charmer like that. Anyway back to Chaz becoming my human…Daddy Charles got very sick & went to a place they call Heaven and it seemed to make Chaz feel a little better that I was like a part of his Dad still here on earth so we really needed each other & that’s how I became his.  Soon after that Daddy & Mommy got married and we all moved into a new home together.  Life was good and I was very happy & content being the one & only dog in the house. I was soooo spoiled it was crazy.  Nemo lived with us but he’s a cat so he wasn’t ever competition for me.  Well the good times just don’t last people! As I was going about my life enjoying the ridiculous amounts of love & attention I go all the time, Mom & Dad switched everything up on me. I can still remember it like it was yesterday when they brought home that little ball of whining, barking black fur otherwise known as Sophie.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love all other animals & creatures and I get along with everyone but I was 7 yrs old & not very hip on the idea of a crazy ass puppy wanting me to play every waking moment.  I wasn’t put here to occupy puppies & I was gonna let Mom & Dad know just that.  Well, lets just say I never had time to do so because what came next would blind side even the smartest pooch around.



Yup! They did it! They went & got two kittens behind my back. So  not only did I have to share Mom & Dad with Sophie & Nemo already but now with Levi & Samson? You have got to be kidding me…nope they were serious.  Before I even had time to process that  latest betrayal, next thing I know Buddy the Toy Fox Terrier & Maggie the Yellow Lab walked into our house off the street so now we are up to 7 animals if you have been following along & adding. How did I not see any of this coming? I guess I just figured I was good enough to be the only one but Mommy told me not to feel like that. She said I was more than perfect to be their one & only pet but they couldn’t turn away other animals who lost their Mommy or Daddy & needed a place like I did back in the day because I wouldn’t have wanted them to have left me behind with no one. Mom says we can only keep what we have by giving it away. I know it sounds confusing but it truly makes sense. We might have a little cat fight or dog brawl every now & again but in the end we are all brothers & sisters & family is one of the best things in the whole wide world so I guess there is enough love to go around for everyone.

So in the end family & love always win out & for that I’m very grateful. This blog being done strictly by Sophie however is a different story.  I think we all deserve to tell things from our own point of view & I intend on presenting this idea to Mom at our next family meeting. LOL  Life is funny sometimes you know?  I’ve learned in my 14 years on this crazy planet that every single thing happens for a reason & there are no coincidences. I’ve also learned the size of your house doesn’t matter…its how much love it holds inside that is the key to happiness.

Thanks for listening to my rants & thoughts…maybe Mommy will like my idea and you all will get to hear from me again. One thing I know for sure is that I know not one thing for sure…Funny stuff!

Peace, Love & Fur, Bear