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Winter Safety

 I enjoy a nice snow fall, watching the snow as it gently falls from the sky but I don’t like the cold. Going outside, we dress up in hats, gloves, scarves, boots and a heavy coat just to stay warm. Our furry friends also like to stay warm when it’s cold out. They like to cuddle with their human, under a blanket, in a soft bed or catching some rays of sun. Just like us humans, some can adapt to and / or are more tolerant of the cold like Siberian Huskies and Alaskan Malamutes because their coats are thicker but it’ s still not a good idea to leave them outside for too long, especially during the winter and summer months.

When walking dogs, wipe their paws to get rid of residue and debris from leaked radiator fluid and deicers which can cause damage to their very sensitive paws. Sometimes ice can get between the toes of a dog and it might help to trim the hair between their toes. If you have to deice, it’s best for all if you use a pet friendly deicer. On smaller dogs or short haired breeds like the Dachshund and Chihuahua, it’s ok to put them in a sweater to keep them warm.

Check your car engine, blow your horn or make a loud noise in case a feral or stray cat finds its way under your hood to keep warm. It’s never a good idea to leave a pet in a car. The key is to know your pets limits because like us humans they too can be sensitive to temperature changes. It’s best to keep your pet indoors during the cold winters but please make sure your house is pet friendly and safe. Keep Warm.

We love what we do at Jen’s Gentle Pet Sitters.

Lab Rescue

Lab Rescue of the Labrador Retriever Club, Potomac

labs-walkingLab Rescue is seeking your support for our 5th Annual Lab Rescue Dog Walk in Annapolis, Maryland on Saturday, June 1, 2013.  The walk, which draws hundreds of volunteers, adopters, and supporters from throughout the Washington metropolitan area, is Lab Rescue’s biggest annual fund raiser.  Our goal this year is to raise $75,000 in pledges to provide our rescued Labs with essential and emergency veterinary care.

Lab Rescue is a volunteer-driven, non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing, vetting, fostering and adopting out abandoned and neglected Labrador Retrievers.  Founded in 2001, we have served the Washington metropolitan area for more than 20 years.  We take in strays and owner give-ups from shelters, and we try to keep Labs out of shelters by providing owners the ability to place their dogs directly in a new home approved by Lab Rescue.  Sometimes we heal the dog’s spirit, but we also treat broken bones, deadly diseases such as Heartworm, Lyme and Erlichia, cancerous lumps, and parasitic conditions.  Our veterinarian and kennel costs continue to rise, and constitute 97% of our expenditures.  Our success in continuing our lifesaving work depends entirely on the generous donations we receive and the unwavering commitment of our volunteers.  In 2012, we saved over 1,000 Labrador Retrievers and found them what we happily refer to as “forever homes.”

Lab Rescue is seeking donations of incentive prizes, such as gift certificates, to award to the walkers who raise the most in pledges.  Would you kindly consider donating a gift certificate or item to be used as an incentive prize for the walk?  Last year’s Lab Rescue Dog Walk drew more than 250 participants, raised $60,000 in pledges, and enabled us to rescue 100 more Labs in 2012 than we were able to rescue in 2011. With your support, we can continue our lifesaving work.  Lab Rescue is a non-profit 501(c) (3) organization and your monetary or in-kind contribution is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.  Our federal ID number is 52-1880024.

For additional information, contact Lab Rescue(240) 299-2952 or by email at Thank you in advance for your support.

Article Submitted by: Carol Lagundo, Vice President, Lab Rescue of the LRCP